This activity page contains several links for a bit of distraction in your stitching day. 
There is a complimentary chart and several drawings. 
The links are found by clicking on the flowers below.  Enjoy!
Most of us love flowers and May is the perfect time for us to celebrate things floral!
The first thing I would like to do is thank the shops who help to support The Stitchers' Village and keep it going!


 And what would stitching be without the talented designers?


This wonderful group is providing some Summer cross stitch fun in the way of
The Collective Stitch
Here is a little puzzle for you.


And finally, the complimentary chart!


Thank you for being a part of The Stitchers' Village!
Wonderful stitching friends share their projects in the community
and are friendly and helpful!  See you there!



0 #2 has1cat 2017-05-04 01:04
Great activity page. Very colorful and lots to check out. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.
0 #1 cherylkinkaid 2017-05-02 22:02
Thank you Patty and thank you to the shops and designers.

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