May Blooms

I hope that the May Blooms page is enjoyable.  I have fun putting those together.  The Joomla platform for the site can be a challenge.  I have a plan in my mind and generally have to figure out how to make it happen within the framework.  When designing in Dreamweaver, I was not limited to articles and links to files as I am now.  Honestly, I have yet to figure out how to make the background color different on an article.  It must be time to take some online courses.  Maybe I will have time soon.

We are one month away from the start of the 2017 Collective Stitch project.  The theme has produced very nice designs.  You will be pleased with the offerings.  I have decided to make the 2018 theme "Winter" to follow up on the 2016 "Autumn" theme.  The size specifications will be the same as 2016, also.   Let your LNS know so that they can recruit a designer. 

flowerbasketrose ConvertedHappy May!

2017 Collective Stitch

The charts have been steadily arriving for the 2017 Collective Stitch which runs from June 1 through August 31.  This is a cross stitch shop hop and has grown from last year.  Participating shops will each have a different design that will be handed out to visitors during the event.  If you are travelling, you can check the list on the Collective Stitch site to find participating shops in the area.  The theme for 2017 is "A Postcard From. . ."  and the designs are going to be a great collection of souveniers!  So far, several are designed specifically for the state in which the shop is located.  Watch for updates on the Collective Stitch site as the information on designers and activities at individual shops during the event will be posted there by June 1.

I am stitching my models on 36 count which will make them a bit smaller than the 6 x 4 they will be on 28/14 count. There are so many creative ways to finish and display these stitched postcards.  I hope that you will share photos of your creations with me!



Time Away


We scheduled a trip to Florida to visit our daughter and her family to leave on Sunday, January 15.  There was an ice storm in the forcast, so DH and I changed our reservations and got out before the worst was due to arrive.  Of course, it really did not become the disaster that was predicted, but we had a great time all the same.  Above is one of the most dramatic sunrises I have photographed.  Fortunately, I am an early riser and have a lot of photographs to prove it!  I also caught this oddly colored "Halloween" lizard near the entrance of my daughter's apartment.



The grandchildren are a joy and I have been babysitting my 2 1/5 year old for the past few days.  She has reached the very imaginitive state and will play for quite a while with the Calico Critters doll house I got when her older sister was small.  She also loves the movie "Frozen" and can talk and sing along with most of it.  We have our sing-along moments and she really gets into the gestures if I encourage her by singing, too.  She provides a lot of companionship and will chatter away while helping me.  I don't always understand everything she says, but I get most of it.  We had a moment where I said we are going to make pancakes and she said "Oh, I love cupcakes".  We went back and forth for a bit pancakes-cupcakes and I wondered if she was trying to trick me into saying cupcakes.  She is going home today and I need to get back to stitching "Now We Have Everything" by Cherry Hill Designs. 



The November contest is for you to stitch the star on any fabric with any threads you choose, any stitches, any embellishments. Just keep the basic outline of the chart.  Use your imagination!  CLICK HERE FOR A PDF with chart and instructions. First prize will be a fabric "orphan".  Other prizes will be awarded depending on the number of entries received.

There were two entries for the Pumpkin Carving Stitching Contest in October.  Thank you very much to Anita and Twig who both received a Legacy Patterns Ornament kit.


I would appreciate input on future contests.  Or, anything you would like to see on TSV, for that matter.  Just drop me a note using the "contact" form from the main menu.



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